Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Relax, You're Home Now" 

Should I Rent or Buy

It's an image of the "American Dream" that was universal for the perfect little house surrounded by a white picket fence. But recent surveys suggest that the "American Dream" is evolving into a more fluid view of the modern-day home and, the truth is, home ownership is not the perfect fit for everyone.

According to a recent poll published by, a notable percentage of people actively looking to lease in today's apartment market are not hunting because they have to rent, but because they want to rent! So, how can you come up with the answer to the question, "Should I Rent or Buy?"

Enjoy the Lifestyle

Believe it or not, many apartment hunters in that same poll said their preference for renting had little to do with finances and more to do with a lifestyle. Nearly 60% of respondents said they preferred renting and a huge part of that preference had to do with the ability to live maintenance-free with easy access to coveted amenities. 

Amenities That You'll Love

Think about it... the average homeowner would never have access to the amazing neighborhoods and well-appointed amenities like the ones offered in National Property Management Associates, Inc. apartment and townhome communities. 

Fewer Maintenance Expenses

Average annual maintenance can amount to 1-2% of a house's market value. Homeowners need to budget for the unexpected — the leaky roof or the broken furnace. Read more...

Personal Flexibility

A big part of “living comfortably” is having the personal flexibility to move if you need to and at your convenience.

At National Property Management Associates, Inc., we offer even more flexibility with the National Property Management Associates, Inc. 

Dollars and Sense!

Financially speaking, renting can make a lot of “cents” to the person looking for a new place to call home. The general rule of thumb, according to, is that if you don’t plan on staying in a single family home for at least three years, you probably won’t break even on the closing expenses incurred while buying!

Here are a few key points that may help as you decide whether to rent or buy:

Lower Upfront Costs

When you rent, you don't have to worry about saving for the substantial down payment, attorney's fees, or closing costs. Read more...

Lower Monthly Costs

Renting will generally cost you less per month than a mortgage payment for a similar size and quality space. In fact, the gap between renting and owning a house is the highest it has been in a decade.

Less Financial Risk

When you rent, you don't have to worry about the value of your house or your ability to sell in a buyer's market.

Increased Saving Power

Most people assume that by buying a house, they will be getting tax deductions to cover the extra costs. Read more...

Relax and Enjoy

You have chosen to invest your money wisely and maximize your returns. You are ready to let us handle your home maintenance while you take care of saving money and investing in a lifestyle! You have decided to rent — and it’s a sound decision.

Welcome to a community of friends; welcome to National Property Management Associates, Inc.! Explore our wide variety of apartments for rent today!

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